A complete guide to a paradigm-shifting model of restorative and equitable school discipline


Disruptive students need problem-solving skills, not punishment.

Challenging students lack the skill―not the will―to behave. Drs. Ablon and Pollastri share their evidence-based approach that allows teachers to dramatically reduce challenging classroom behaviors while helping even the most disruptive students gain the skills they need to succeed inside and outside the classroom. Step-by-step guidance and exercises are provided to help K– 12 educators implement this restorative and equitable model in both general and special-education settings.

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“Reaching the Unreachable ... In The School Discipline Fix, Ablon and Pollastri draw on research in neuroscience, as well as decades of clinical and school-based experience, to help educators get to the root of chronic behavior problems ... Reinforced by empathy and repetition, these proactive and trauma-informed conversations can not only restore relationships, but help build skills naturally.”
— Educational Leadership
“I’m so excited that The School Discipline Fix will soon be shared with the world! The intervention approach described here provides a much-needed roadmap through what is often rough terrain for educators: the struggle to understand and positively impact the lives of kids with challenging behaviors. Its implementation, so clearly set out in these pages, holds hope for the future of every child.”
— Jenifer Aldrich, M.Ed., Principal West Windsor, VT
“At a time when safety and a sense of connection are paramount to students in our schools, Dr. Ablon and Dr. Pollastri offer us an approach that supports both students who act out and the teachers who teach them. This book provides real-life examples of Collaborative Problem Solving in action, ensuring all school staff members—teachers, counselors, and administrators—are equipped to meet the needs of all students.”
— Rebecca McMurdie, Principal, KIPP Washington Heights Elementary, New York City
“Finally, the ultimate guide to CPS for schools! This book provides a framework, language, and tools for understanding and supporting all students with compassion and humanity, especially those that challenge us. This new mindset and simple assessment process upset traditional notions about why some students behave in a challenging way and leads to intervention that really works!”
— Tricia Bailey Sauvé, M.Ed., Behavior/Autism Teacher/Consultant